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Dy. Director Message

Dy. Director Message

Dear Parents & Students,

“Education is not filling of a pail, but lighting of a fire”.

(W.B Yeats.)

21st century has witnessed a rapid change in all walks of life, so has the education. Chalk and duster are gradually being replaced by finger touch smart board .Flipped classrooms are gradually gearing up to envelop the classrooms all over India. Teachers are occupying the back seat acting as a facilitator. Experienced learning has become the need of the time. Labs are brought in the classrooms to obliterate the categorization of students into good, average and below average. Now each one is a performer in the class, career and life at large.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”, said Aristotle. This is where the core values of education need to be inculcated. At Central School we nurture the values of humanity, ethics and the bond of cultural diversity that we have inherited from the glorious roots of India.

Learning at Central School is an experience. The pedagogy involves encouraging critical insights in the inquisitive minds which lead to scientific temper. Students are taught to own the lesson in project based learning which in turn generate personal responsibility, accountability and cooperation with peers and motivation to succeed apart from critical assessment. This collaborative and cooperative approach to learning is formulated in a way which has yielded positive results over the years. Students are able to apply the knowledge and the skills to a real life situation. The whole process initiates the leaders in making and leadership as the way of life. Students have a typical mind set in the classroom. They follow teacher’s words as the ultimate truth At Central School students are thrown to open ended –challenge where a problem can be tackled with different methods as per their acquired skills and knowledge. This is where innovation begins and learning comes from the mind. The heart makes the learning process enjoyable and rewarding. In this milieu, the child naturally loves the school. This is how Central School aims to create nation builders and global leaders.

Safety of the students is the prime concern of any institution as the schools have been beset with the safety of the children in the recent past. Providing physical, social and emotional safety and a secured environment is where the Central School excels and can be epitomised as a “Safe School”.

Best Wishes

Chhote Lal Sharma

Dy. Director