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Attendence Rule

Attendence Rule

  • Minimum 75% attendance is must in order to appear in any examination held in the school.
  • In case if a student is absent continuously for 15 days without any notice he/she will have been considered to have left the school and his/her name shall be stuck off from the roll.
  • Re-admission will then be granted only in case of available seats in that class on repayment of Re-admission Fee.

Rule for Shortage Attendance

In case the attendance of a student fall short,the shortage may then be considered on the basis of verification of record and satisfaction of principal.

  • On the basis of submission of a medical certificate in case of prolonged illness by a Registered Practtioner.
  • Loss of Mother/Father or any such incident leading to special consideration.
  • Any Matter of serious consequence as the principal may deem fit after in-depth consideration.